From 6pm – midnight, 40 groups will put the Lower Old Town of Berne in a spectacular summer mood.

Artists will play over 300 shows during three evenings. All artists will play on hat money instead of for a fixed fee. Thank you for your contribution!With the sale of the booklet & bracelet – your entrance fee” – we finance a large part of the festival. In Bern this has been working for 20 years thanks to your support! Please note: There is no OFF/​Fringe Festival at Buskers Bern.

Show times

Detailed information about show times and venues of the acts can only be found in the printed program booklet. It will be available from July on.



Brazil Latin Forró (BRA/MDA/COL)

Inspired by Forró, Xaxado, Baião and Xote, ABACATE transforms the sedate alleyways of Bern into the tropical beach promenades of Fortaleza or Recife. The gifted musician Luiz Murakami and his trio invite you to a first-class Latin fusion session – a gozar, saudade!

Luiz Murakami
Guitar, Vocals
Anatol Eremciuc Baghici
Miguel Guerra Guerrero

Adrift - Arctic Ensemble

Acrobatic Circus Show (FIN)

ADRIFT hoists the sails and takes you on a trip full of acrobatics, spiced with a humorous take on life. With incredible ease, the duo creates figures and images that are smashed against the cliffs in the next moment. Fast-paced, contemporary circus at its best!

Pihla Ojala
Ilkka Kemppinen

Aeschbi Dimitri Küng

Neue Urklänge (CH, Bern/Tessin/Appenzell)


The high-calibre trio will take you on a musical journey from Ticino via Emmental and Appenzell to the Andes in a lively and unabashed manner. Thanks to Nina Dimitri’s beguiling voice, any (stylistic) boundaries are easily overcome – a première! 

Thomas Aeschbacher
Div. Schwyzerörgeli (Diatonic Accordion), Cajón
Nina Dimitri
Vocals, Guitar, Charango
Madlaina Küng


Musica Popolare Napoletana (IT, Napoli)

This is exactly how Naples feels: sensual, emotional and dirty-beautiful! For three decades, ASSURD has been leading audiences into the middle of a full life with their powerful, guttural voices, bringing the musical heritage from Southern Italy into the present – a beguiling firework!

Cristina Vetrone
Vocals, Diatonic Button Accordion
Lorella Monti
Vocals, Percussion, Nacchere (Castanets), Tamburello (Italian Frame Drum), Dance
Chiara Carnevale
Vocals, Percussion, Tamburelli + Tammorre (Italian Frame Drums)
Fulvio di Nocera
Electric Double Bass, Pedal Effects


Dynamic Classical Strings (UK)


This charismatic string quartet will turn your preconceptions about classical musicians upside down with its spectacular mix of upbeat classical music, comedy songs and well known film, pop and rock tunes. A humorous, virtuoso and impressively physical show. Rock me Amadeus! 

Ezme Gaze
Bertie Anderson Haggart
Ollie Izod
Mitch McGugan

Cho Kairin

Balancing Circus (JPN)

Inspired by traditional Chinese performing arts, CHO KAIRIN creates a show full of acrobatics, juggling, transformation (“Mask Changer”) and acting. The brilliant highlight is his balancing act on a twelve-meter-high chair tower. Breathtaking!

Kamiyama Kaiichi

De Rooij & Mathot

Visual Theatre (NL)

15 min./show
50 pers./show
with bracelet only
from 8 years on
tickets free of charge for that day are available at the reservation boot on Münsterplatz. A maximum of four tickets will be issued per person.

Backstage is onstage: An artist with massive blackout problems gets ready for his show – to make matters worse, the wardrobe seems to have a mind of its own: Props disappear and the mirror image takes on a life of its own. Humorous and surprising!

Vincent de Rooij
Director, Actor
Daan Mathot
Director, Actor

Dear John

Old-Time & Bluegrass Progressive (FR, Bretagne)

Based on «Dear John, …» letters, this old break-up concept is applied and refreshed in a new musical purpose. The string quartet skilfully performs virtuoso Southern Gospel, Bluegrass and Old-Time to new grooves, transcendent rhythms and tap dance.

Anaëlle Trumka
Violin, Vocals
Lena Rongione
Banjo, Vocals, Flatfoot Dance
Valentine Lambert
Guitar, Vocals
Morgane Labbe
Contrabass, Vocals

Deli Teli

Greek Laïko Pop (GR/FR, Marseille)

Bongos, bouzouki and Farfisa organ in abundance! The energetic quartet from Marseille plays forgotten hits that once set Athens on fire. An explosive cocktail of Rock’n’Roll and trad. Tsifteteli from the 1960s in Greece – pure Mediterranean hip-wiggling drama!

Tassos Tsitsivakos
Bouzouki, Vocals
Arthur Bacon
Synthesizer, Vocals
Christos Karypidis
Bass, Vocals
François Rossi

Der Šenster Gob & Lea Kalisch

Klezmer Gypsy Rap Fusion (CZ/USA)

Rap, Rumba, Folk and Feminism – Jewish music never sounded so eclectic. With energy and invention, four travelling musicians and a fiery frontwoman give tradition a facelift. A woman dressed as a rabbi, a romance between clarinet and violin, what else?

Lea Kalisch
Martin Sochor
Matej Heinzl
Clarinet, Sax, Keyboard
Vojtech Vasko
Double Bass, Accordion
Jan Vitu
Guitar, Double Bass

Electric Circus

Mechanical Puppet Theatre (NL)

5 min./show
12 pers./show
with bracelet only

ELECTRIC CIRCUS – the masters and pioneers of electromechanical puppet theater – are back with their new show – a première! You peer through little windows into a miniature pub – an animation without a movie becomes a spectacular live-motion performance.

Fred Abels
Mirjam Langemeijer

*Figurentheater Matou

Puppentheater & Livemusik (CH, Winterthur)

* for kids (and all audiences)

Every morning, the little witch Lakritz has to walk to school because she doesn’t have a broom to fly. Even the dragon, who is far too small, and the cheeky mushrooms can’t help her… A fast-paced, humorous puppet show, accompanied by live music.

Mariann Amstutz
Reto Ammann

Flamenco Queer

Flamenco Pop Música & Baile (ESP/UK)

In the early 1900s, the queer, drag and flamenco scenes come together in Barcelona’s harbour districts Raval and Poble Sec. Inspired by this, FLAMENCO QUEER explore identities and flamenco on stage – a powerful and passionate electro-trad. Drag fantasy – unique, olé! 

Jero Férec
Rubén Heras
Álvaro López
Ana Lorenzo
Pakita Spain

Garaghty & Thom

Streetcomedy (UK)

Basic English

A fast-paced mixture of circus tricks, improvisation and comedy routines, mixed with a pinch of British humour: These are the characteristics of this talented duo. Controlled chaos, crazy fun, interactive and spontaneous – no two shows are the same!

Goronwy Thom
Idiot 1
Richard Garaghty
Idiot 2

Gras van de Buren

Magic Ride (NL)

5 min./show
1 pers./show
with bracelet only
for adults
mid Gerechtigkeitsgasse
18.00 – 19.30, 20.00 – 21.30, 22.30 – 24.00

The Hobbel Brommobiel makes all happy who refuses to grow up! After a strict driver’s license check off you go on a speedy ride. Incredibly entertaining for all spectators too. P.S.: Wearing a helmet or alternative headgear is recommended.

Peter van Kessel
Vince Linders

Helen Maier & the Folks

World Swiss Nordic Folk (CH, Luzern)

The sextet takes you into a world of pulsating rhythms and captivating melodies. Traditional and new Swiss Folk music harmonises with Jazz, fiery Balkan rhythms merge with Irish Folk. Let yourself be enchanted by this magic of musical diversity!

Helen Maier
Alexander Graf
Tobias Künzli
Accordion, Piano
Theo Känzig
Jonas Künzli
Adrian Böckli


Cosmic Electronic Prog Rave (UK, Manchester)

Attention Humans! This is HENGE. We are not from this world. We bring you music from distant planets. We offer this gift for the edification of humankind so that eventually your species may put an end to war and set up new homes in space.”

Frontbeing, Agricular, Cosmos Redshift 7
Brother Goo
Bass Frequency Operation, Venus, Solar System
Amphibious Rhythm Generation, Xylanthia, Sirius Star System
Synthesizer Shaman, Planet Earth, Solar System


Interactive Installation (ESP)

A network of paths and branches that can only be mastered with skill and brains. Solve mechanical challenges and visual puzzles to open the blockades and avoid being stuck in the labyrinth forever. Great fun for everyone!

Paco Hernández

Kickstart – Arctic Ensemble

Fast Paced Acrobatics (FIN)

A road trip that ends abruptly: The six friends are stranded in the middle of the wilderness and a story of love, humor and madness unfolds: fast-paced, incredibly precise acrobatics full of humour – impressive and unique!

Orfeo Llewellyn
Minna Pulsa
Armas Lintusaari
Linnea Purontaus
Anselmi Kaisanlahti
Ada Forsberg

Les Forces de l'Orge

French Hip Hop Punk (FR, Jura)

It becomes clear that the boys from across the Jura pay tribute to the hidden powers of barley when they perform their wild and amusing stage costume show. Refreshing with subtle flavours ranging from Chanson Festive to Hip-Hop and Punk – santé, glouglou.

Valentin Vuaillat
Nicolas Brocart
Keys, Vocals
Marius Barthelet
Guitar, Vocals
Guillaume Pouilloux
Drums, Pad

Collectif La Méandre

Cinema Concert & Object Theatre (FR)

20 min./show
14 pers./show
with bracelet only
from 6 years on
tickets free of charge for that day are available at the reservation boot on Münsterplatz. A maximum of two tickets will be issued per person.

Step into the micro-cinema, into this childlike dream world full of mechanical inventions! Watch out: The characters of the movie suddenly burst out of the screen. A poetic, sensual experience on all levels, accompanied by live music.

Noé Lémac

Mikail Karahan

Cirque Nouveau & Clownerie (DE)

8 min./show

The Cyr Wheel spins too fast and is always one spin ahead of Mikail. The result is a witty, mimically strong performance with few props: red socks, a person and a ring. A tribute to the feeling of being too late”, winner of several awards.

Mikail Karahan

Mr. Image Theatre

Mobile Act (NL)

Breaking news! Incredibly grown due to the consumption of junk food and food waste, giant beetles are crawling through Bern’s alleyways. Don’t panic!” says the forester and tries to bring the giant creatures under control.

Anton Rudakov
Victor Bottenbley
Alexander Szivkov
Petar Mandick

Panoptikum P&T

Puppet Theatre (BEL)

basic English
for adults

A play about the last living dog in the world, its master” and the big question: What is important in life and what happens when a breed dies out? A philosophical treatise, grotesque, irritating and hilarious.

Jean-Michel Distexhe
Actor, Puppeteer

Perhaps Contraption

Progressive Brass Art Rock (UK/IT)

A musical monster: exuberant, multivocal, bewitching and disturbing all at once. The twisted multi award-winning brass band sounds like Steve Reich and Andy Warhol with a Bulgarian women’s choir between them, staggering through Oktoberfest – beautiful and dead drunk.

Christo Squier
Flute, Tenor Sax, Vocals
Charly Jolly
Tenor Sax, Vocals
Jin Theriault
Soprano Sax, Vocals
Mickey Bones
Trombone, Vocals
Iain McDonals
Sousaphone, Vocals
Yusuf Marcin
Bass, Trombone, Vocals
Catherine Ring
Percussion, Vocals
Riccardo Castellani


Interactive Poetic Installation (BEL)

mid Postgasse
18 – 20, 20.45 – 22.30, 23 – 24

Happiness to go: Fill the Take Care Kits with what you need right now: a little peace, a little love, a little bit of everything?! A poetic, loving approach to the existential question of happiness: What do you need to be happy?

Sara Claes
Kim Rau

Compagnie Progéniture

Interactive Installation (FR)

18 – 20.30, 21.30 – 24

A six meter long wall full of old phones – who or what is waiting for you at the other end of the wire? Pick up, listen and maybe even communicate… A whimsical and playful installation, full of surprises.

Francis Daniel
Kim Biscaino
Valérie Daniel

Projeto EZ

Mobile Flat (POR)

4 min./ride
5 pers./ride
with bracelet only

A mobile home in the truest sense of the word, only much more playful. Sit on the loo or step into the living room and make yourself comfortable on the sofa while you are driven through Bern’s old town. Live out mobility at home!

João Pinto
Creator, Performer
Selmo Carreira

Raoul Traverse

Milonga Rembetiko Experimental (CH, Genève)


Bass clarinet and bandoneón – the alchemy of two unique sound colours, Orient and Tango fever united in Rembetic laments and Milongas Porteñas. Raoul roams the underworld from Athens to Buenos Aires, driven by trade winds, gusts, storms and whispers – magical!

Géraldine Schenkel
Philippe Ehinger
Bass Clarinet

Roland Zoss & Xenegugeli-Band

Mundartlieder (CH, Bern)

Zorro and Toni Tortuga sing about the legendary mouse from Münsterspitz”, Jimmy Flitz and about the Xenegugeli ABC. Interactive, spontaneous and close to the little and adult audience members.

Roland Zoss
Vocals, Guitar
Chrigu Blaser
Vocals, Guitar

Rum Buffalo

Space Jazz Rock (UK/POR)

With deep punk grooves coated in bass synths and New Orleans Jazz horn lines, Rum Buffalo have built an unforgettable live show. Forged on the rough streets of London, these ruthless renegades will keep your blood pumping and your body moving with their cutting sound.

Jake Stevens
Vocals, Guitar
Jake Chapman
Keys, Synths
James Akers
Tenor Sax
Joe Fenning
Harrison Cole
Stevie Dooley
Vocals, Bass
Nuno Brito

Compagnia Samovar

Puppets & Objects (IT)

15 min./show
7 pers./show
with bracelet only
from 8 years on
tickets free of charge for that day are available at the reservation boot on Münsterplatz. A maximum of two tickets will be issued per person.

In the ocean blue trailer you dive into a poetic underwater story. An artistic interweaving of musical clowning, puppetry and intellectual madness. Visualized by spatulas, wheels and waves, the sensitive view of the world becomes a great show.

Luca Salata

Stevo Atambire & World Citizen

Kologo Electronic Global Grooves (GHA/CH)

The song Anchor Point by Ahmed Spins feat. Kologo star STEVO ATAMBIRE has 44 million clicks on Spotify… The band fuses traditional Ghanaian sounds with electronic music and rousing brass sections – a bridge-building, captivating firework. Dance the night away! 

Stevo Atambire
Vocals, Kologo (2-String Lute)
David Odoom
Vocals, Percussion
Roger Greipl
Vocals, Sax, Flute
Nicolas Jäger
Vocals, Trumpet
Valerio Lepori
Vocals, Trombone
Bruno Hochstrasser
Bass, E-Guitar
Dominic Eschmann
Vocals, Drums, Bass Synth

Taraf Syriana

Music from Balkan to Syria (IRN/SYR/LBN/MDA)

This highly virtuosic quintet traces the rich treasures of trad. Music of the Levant and Caucasia. Thousands of years of musical heritage from Moldova, Kurdistan, Armenia, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon and the Roma can be experienced live in Bern’s alleys! 

Parisa Karimi Molan
Nizar Tabcharani
Sergiu Popa
Noemy Braun
Mohi Varasteh
Daf, Tombak, Cajón

Teatro Pavana

Walking Act (NL)

…and suddenly there are three giraffes in the middle of Bern’s old town! They stalk through the alleyways at a fast pace, elegantly strecking their long necks to nibble on leaves or bending down to stroke passers-by.

Liesbeth Kleinrouweler
Lotte Reijnders
Ruth Bekx
Arthur Makhmutov

Tercio Incluso

Object Theatre (ESP)

from 6 years on

Two little plastic cups play the main characters on the minimalist stage, balancing between love, disappointment and rejection. A sensitive, highly precise object theater of the highest class! Delicate and intense at the same time.

Jonathan Guisado
Elena Lalucat

Tombs Creatius

Interactive Installation (CAT/ESP)


Wooden games built with love, imagination and perfection that challenge you. Roll marbles or memorize complex colour sequences. All done? Then look through the little hole – there’s a surprise hidden behind it. For everyone and for the inner children in particular.

Toni Tomas Cami
Melcior Prunera Miquel

Undercover Hippy

Reggae Hip Hop Acoustic (UK, Bristol)

Combining thoughtful, political, and often humorous lyrics with dangerously catchy hooks and a feel-good groove, UNDERCOVER HIPPY will make you think, laugh and dance simultaneously. Known for the electric atmosphere of their live shows, they always leave the crowd feeling both inspired and energised – yeah!

Billy Salisbury
Vocals, Guitar
Andreas Millns
Tommy Kirby
Joe Browne


Vocal Art Pop (AUT, Wien/DE/CH)

Nineties fashion Art Pop Cabaret in Viennese and Denglish, Jazz, Femme Funk or Hip-Hop after all? VIBERQUEEN’s stage performance feat. dazzling front woman Magdalena Hahnkamper and exiled Bernese Booxy defies all descriptions – check out this explosively creative surprise bag of a show!

Magdalena Hahnkamper
Vocals, Synth
Constanze Cozy” Friedel
Violin, Vocals, Electronics
Nina Feldgrill
Daniel Booxy” Aebi
Drums, Vocals

Wanton String Band

Folk Rave Dance (UK/SCO/IRL/USA)

Hedonistic, folk-inspired, psychedelic dance music, fiddlers with incredible driving power, bold arrangements, trance-like tunes and killer ballads… Bern’s sandstone walls will vibrate in ecstasy, the audience will hang out of the windows – full on!

Nathan Bontrager
Fiddle, Vocals
Ewan Macdonald
Jess Whelligan
Cello, Vocals
Stuart Graham
Bouzouki , Vocals
Chris Jones
Rich O’Flynn
Drums, Vocals


Ukrainian Folk Music (UKR, Lwiw)

In eight years from a powerful-voiced female quartet to a charismatic 7‑piece band: Literally between the bunker and the stage, YAGODY explores traditional songs, enriches them with modern influences and offers a theatrical music show of incredible force and outstanding power.

Zoryana Dybovska
Mariia Vytrykush
Tetiana Voitiv
Nadiia Parashuk
Vadym Voitovych
Bass Guitar
Vasyl Parashuk
Teimuraz Gogitidze
Drums, Vocals