Buskers Bern

Buskers Bern – what’s next?

Another summer without Buskers Bern! Too bad — but we consider it a chance. Other things will surely emerge: Concerts on a smaller scale, hidden festivals, far away from the masses, and street artists performing spontaneously. We are excited and looking forward to all the surprises and smaller, innovative events.

We will be back at the office starting mid-October, booking artists and organizing the next festival, August 11 – 13, 2022, and we are looking forward to starting the new Buskers year full of energy. After 2 years of festival break it will be exciting for us to roll up the field again.

For now: Enjoy the summer and do tell us, if you discover a great act.

From the office: Christine, Julia & Stefan

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Buskers Bern 2021 cancelled

Buskers Bern is the complete antithesis of Corona: lots of people dancing close together, drinking a beer in the alleys and artists coming from all continents to Berne. Three days of colours in Bern’s alleys.