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The booking for Buskers Bern started…

Applications for the Bizaar Action Market, Youth Stages, Children’s Program and of course applications as performing artists are now welcome.


We’re looking forward receiving your application.

No OFF-Festival: No uninvited performers at Buskers Bern
We do not allow performances by groups not shown on the program on our festival area (Kornhausplatz – Nydeggbrücke). Thank you for your understanding.


The Bizaar is neither a commercial art, crafts nor a trading market, but rather a platform for artists and other creative people, a testing ground for interactive and/​or festival-related ideas. Do you have an interactive project which you would like to try out? We’re curious and look forward to receiving your application from January on! Bizaar is part of the Buskers Festival and takes place 12 – 14 August 2021, 18 – 24h. Place: Münsterplattform


Kids program

Do you have a project for the little ones? On Friday and Saturday afternoon there will be make-up, handicrafts, hairdressing, gourmandizing, theatre, acrobatics and trading on the flea market. You wanna be part? Looking forward to your application from January on. The kids program is part of the Buskers Festival and takes place from 13 – 14 August 2021, 15 – 20h (or 24h). Place: Münsterplattform


Youth stages

There is another small festival all of its own, organized by young members of Junge Bühne Bern. It consists of two stages, a comfortable lounge, and a bar. You’re younger than 25 years and want to present your show? We’re looking forward getting your application.

Spontaneous acts Youth Stage
Spontaneous acoustic performances are welcome in between two shows. For more information, please contact the team Jugendbühnen by email or meet them on place at the festival.



For the next edition of Buskers Bern we are again looking for about 300 helpers. It would be great if you were there! Registration is possible from May 2021. We are looking forward to you.
If you already have any questions, our staff coordination will be happy to help you: staff@​buskersbern.​ch


Application for Buskers Bern 2021 closed.

We will gladly accept applications for Buskers Bern 2022 exclusively in January 2022. Please do not apply now. If you have submitted an application, you will hear from us in the next weeks.