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Application deadlines for Performing Artists, Youth Stages, Bizaar Action Market and Children’s Programm, Volunteers and Caterers are published here.

Kids program & Bizaar Action Market

You are welcome to contact us now with your project for the children’s programme or the Bizaar market. We look forward to hearing from you.

Before applying, please read the Bizaar” or Children’s programme” information sheet (only available in german) and send us the completed application form with your documents.

Here you can find information about the children’s programme

Here you can find information about the Bizaar programme

Send your documents (for the children’s programme and Bizaar) till 10th of May to bizaar@​buskersbern.​ch

Association Buskers Bern

For three days, craziness reigns in Bern’s alleys. Made possible by the association Buskers Bern, which organizes this festival every year. Become a member of the association and support the festival.


The programme for this year’s festival is complete. We are no longer accepting applications. You are welcome to apply for 22nd Buskers Bern 2025, August 7 – 9, from November 2024 on.

No Off/​Fringe Festival 
Non-invited groups are not allowed to perform in the festival area (Kornhaus to Nydegg). Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions: artist@​buskersbern.​ch


The application process for catering stands for 2024 is closed. If you have submitted your documents, we will get back to you in the next few weeks. Thank you very much.

For the 22nd Buskers Bern from 7 – 9 August 2025 we accept applications from 1 – 31 January 2025 (and only then).

If you have any questions: gastro@​buskersbern.​ch

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