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20th Buskers Bern: 10 – 12 August 2023

Three marvelous summer nights in Bern’s Old Town

Since the very first Buskers Bern in 2004, every year in mid-August around 150 artists from all over the world perform in the lower part of Bern’s old town. The outstanding shows of the invited groups combined with the beautiful backdrop of Bern’s old town make Buskers Bern an unique experience. Every year, around 60,000 people visit the festival.

Buskers Bern - dates

Buskers Bern takes place annually from Thursday to Saturday in calendar week 32 – which is the last weekend of the Bern school vacations.

  • 2023: Thu – Sat, August 10 – 12, 18h – 24h
  • 2024: Thu – Sat, August 8 – 10, 18h – 24h

Place and Time

Thursday to Saturday (calendar week 32), always 18:00 to 24:00. In Bern’s old town between Kornhaus and Nydegg.
Children’s programme on the Münsterplattform on Friday and Saturday from 15:00.
Bizaar – the action market on the Münsterplattform Thursday to Saturday 18:00 to 24:00.
Food and drink: Thursday and Friday 18:00 to 00:30, on Saturday already from 16:00 to 00:30.

Performance times and venues

The detailed venues and times of the booked acts can only be found in the printed version of the programme. You can order the programme booklet and festival booklet online and we will be happy to send them to your home. Or you can buy them at one of our 28 advance booking offices in the city of Bern. At the festival you can buy the programme and festival booklets at one of our six information stands, at the festival office at Rathausgasse 20 or from one of our flying traders.
Costs for 3‑day passes: Fr. 20.- (regular), Fr. 30.- (soli), Fr. 10.- (reduced) and Fr. 5.- for children (without programme booklet).
With the purchase of the programme & festival booklet you help to finance this non-profit event and guarantee the continuation of Buskers Bern.

Here you can find the performing groups of Buskers Bern.

Tickets and pre-sale

Admission to the festival area is free and open to everybody. Buskers Bern is a non-profit event, without sponsors, so please support the festival by buying a program booklet (where performance times and venues of the groups are published) with a bracelet: 10.– (reduced), 20.– (normal), 30.– (soli). The bracelet is valid on all 3 festival days. It can be purchased directly on site at the festival, from July on in our advanced booking offices or you can order it online.

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Fee artists (hat money)

The artist’s travel expenses, meals and rooms are covered – but their fee is paid by you, by dropping money in their hats. The artists depend on this payment, it is their livelihood.

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Food and beverage

At Buskers you will find a wide range of high-quality international and regional specialities. Around 60 food stalls are taking part in the festival. 

We have defined standards that apply to all participating food stalls: Only CH meat products, only CH fish or organic or MSC-certified fish products, bakery products made in Switzerland, eggs origin Switzerland, dairy products origin Switzerland (exceptions are cheese specialities from neighbouring countries), vegetables and fruit: origin Switzerland/​Europe. The artists’ and staff canteens cook exclusively with regional organic products and vegan food. 


Cash vs cashless

At our information stands and bars and at many of the catering stands you can pay by card and/​or Twint in addition to cash. We have encouraged our artists to set up a QR code to collect hat money without cash. We don’t know if all the groups will really make use of this option. That’s why cash is certainly the better way to reward the artists appropriately – Merci viu Mau!

How to get there / parking

Buskers Bern takes place in Bern’s old town and is very easy to reach by public transport. We therefore recommend that you leave your car at home. The festival does not provide a parking space.

Traffic: Old Town Bern closed during the Festival

The festival area from the Kornhaus down to the Nydegg will be closed during the festival operation, namely:

Thu, 11.8.: 12 – 1 a.m.
Fri, 12.8.: 2 – 1 pm
Sat, 13.8.: 2 – 1 pm

Buses will be diverted all day from 11.8 to 13.8 and will run between Kornhaus and Nydegg via Postgasshalde. Appropriate signposting on site.
Download the detailed information on the closure (only available in german)

Overnight stay

The festival does not provide a tent site or overnight accommodation. We recommend you to use the different hotels or the camping site Eichholz (3km away from the festival area).

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