Langnouerli & Co.

Neue Urklänge – CH

The inhabitants from the Emmental” invented the Swiss Diatonic Accordion. Now their Langnouerli” and virtuoso accompanists are rocking the cellar of the Wäbere” – with YOU as a spontaneous player on the open stage in between. For more Information check also: Langnouerli im Wäbere-Chäuer.

Thomas Aeschbacher
Langnauerörgeli, Schwyzerörgeli, Cajón

Thu – Sat

Nina Dimitri
Vocals, Guitar , Charango

Thu, Fri

Geri Zumbrunn
Double Bass

Thu, Fri

Andy Gabriel


Simon Dettwiler
Langnauer- + Schwyzerörgeli (Fr+Sa)

Fri, Sat