12. Aug 2023

Trukitrek had to cancel their shows

Due to health reasons all shows of Trukitrek (“Clic” and Jukebox”) had to be cancelled for today Saturday, August 12. Send them hat money through the TWINT app using the following code.

Due to health reasons all shows of Trukitrek had to be cancelled. 

Trukitrek are Buskers-Bernese” from the very beginning and we are sorry that they will not be able to perform their programme today.

Get well soon, Trukis! We love you.

Trukitrek CLIC 1

Hat Money for Trukitrek

All artists at Buskers Bern play for hat money. It is their fee and they earn their living with it. With the following TWINT code you can send hat money directly to Trukitrek. As with all hat money TWINT codes used at the festival, the full amount goes to the artists. 

Trukitrek twint
Scan code with TWINT app to send → 💸 for Trukitrek
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