9. Aug 2023

We are happy.…

starting tomorrow at 6 pm, 42 acts will transform bern’s old town into a spectacular festival mood. blood splattering dolls, garage blues, gonzo rock, a turtle race and much more to discover. we look forward to celebrating with you!

Cakes and candles belong to a round birthday like the Aare to Bern. For three days, we will be staging and celebrating our very own special birthday cake on Münsterplatz – and what a birthday cake it will be!

You are needed as an actor, because together with you we will tinker, strip, dance, fiddle, sing, drink, marvel, play, shower, fear, dice, chill, drive, crank and cheer in the cake universe.

The exact performance times and locations of the groups can only be found in the printed version of the program booklet. You can buy it together with the Festivalbändeli at the information booths and flying vendors directly at the festival or at one of the 28 advance booking offices in Bern. The Festivalbändeli is valid as a 3‑day festival pass.
Prices: Soli Fr. 30. – , regular Fr. 20. – , children up to and including 12 years old Fr. 5.- (without program booklet).

The festival area stretches again from the Zytglogge down to the Nydegghof – in the cozy courtyard there are again two venues, food stalls and a bar. 

Trukitrek’s dystopia CLIC” will be staged at the VISAVIS Theater (venue 25) in the lower Gerechtigkeitgasse (ages 12 and up). The installation Dromoscopen” can be found in the lower Postgasse and the venue 30, where Trukitrek with Jukebox” and Teatro Matita with Little Night Tales” can be seen.

Plan your festival visit and be at the venue about 10 minutes before the show starts, so you’re sure to have a good seat. To ensure that as many people as possible see something: sit on the floor in front, stand in the back.

Take enough cash with you to generously honor the artists’ performances – it’s their fee. Merciviumau!

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